GUI for git-appraise code review/comments


Hey everyone,

I want to use Atom for legal writing with nice citation integration via autocomplete-bibtex and biblatex, latex, etc.

Git can be a nice version management for text versions.

One of the few things that are missing is a nice way to make and see comments in the text. The text will be markdown and comments are at best saved in another file.

I thought git-appraise may be a good solution if only there would be some gui integration in atom.

Package for inline commit notes

I haven’t used git-appraise, but from the looks of it, there’s not a way to go back and edit or delete comments. It also seems like comments in that system are meant to be transitory code review notes attached to feature development branches. I doubt that it’s suitable for long-term storage.


I think there is. The data storage used by git appraise is provided by git notes.

They can be added, merged and removed.

For reference the related git appraise Github issue: