Grunt-runner: Run and monitor your grunt tasks without leaving Atom


I thought I’d share the Atom package I’ve been working on, it reads the Gruntfile.js in your projects root directory and lets you run those Grunt tasks from the menu/command palette. All the output from the grunt process is shown on a tool panel that can be toggled at will.

I’d love to have some people use it and give me feedback, thanks!


This looks great. Nice job.


After messing around with this for a little, it’s not working on Gruntfiles where I use registerTask syntax or loadTask syntax. Perhaps rather than parsing out tasks, you could trigger an overlay view with a text input for which task to run. I’m going to include something similar in my gulp-helper plugin.


I’ll have to test that when I get home. It should definitely work with loadTask because that is what I’ve been testing it on… Is your Gruntfile.js in the root of your project directory?


I’m using a tasks folder and the Gruntfile is in the root.


Would love to have this for Gulp.