GREP search in Atom?


Really quick question: Does Atom support Grep searches? I’m looking for a PC version of Text Wrangler and GREP searching is very important to this use. Thanks!


In what way is grep important? Atom has a find-and-replace package that can find files across the folders in your open project, and it also has a fuzzy-finder, which allows location of files. Those are built-in. Among community packages, there’s an atom-fuzzy-grep, which says that it knows how to use grep and several related tools natively, and you can use process-palette to issue any command line instruction you want.


Thanks for the response. GREP is important to this project because we
already have a number of highly develop d GREP patterns that we use in
textwrangler on the Mac and would like to use them on the PC as well…
Basically we’re scrubbing HTML and css code looking for a tons of different
stuff as part of a QA process and we want to share the work with some
PC-based teams. I’m looking for their best option.


In that case, process-palette will give you a large amount of flexibility and control over your workflow. Commands you develop are stored in external JSON files, so it’s very easy to share them between coworkers. It requires command line familiarity to set up complicated commands the first time, but once you have your configuration developed, the learning curve to use the package can go down to almost zero. Definitely give it a look.

Note that you’ll probably also have to install a separate grep tool. I don’t think that Windows comes with that.