Greek language not supported?


I am writing some C programs and when i try to print some text in Greek, it just sows random symbols. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Thank you in advance!


Since you’re printing Greek via C code, I can tell you that Atom has nothing to do with your issue. The package you are using sends your code to the compiler, and you need to find out how to tell the compiler to use the right encoding. That’s a C-specific question (so I don’t know anything about it).


Yeah i thought so :confused:
Anyways, thank you for replying :smiley:I guess ill try to find another compiler that works :stuck_out_tongue: or write the messages in english :stuck_out_tongue:
Hahaha, Thanks again!


Are you using gcc? I don’t know if you can or need to switch. There’s probably just something in your code that you need to do differently. I could tell you how to fix it if you were using Python, but I don’t know how to do anything in C.


Focus the start of your search with the C++ instruction

The first article you can look at: