Great package idea : from Apple's Platform State of the Union


I saw this last night and it seems awesome! It’s also something that an Atom plugin could probably do easier than most other editors could do it!

The idea is you can type your comments in Markdown and have them rendered or shown as Markdown source while editing your code.

I don’t have the plugin skills, but thought I’d throw it out there in case anyone was interested/looking for a plugin to write.

A picture speaks a thousand words so…


Do you mean something like the package Markdown Preview (which comes built-in if I’m not wrong…)?


No, it’s a completely different beast.

Markdown preview is for previewing Markdown files while technical writing.

This plugin/extension would allow you to use Markdown in your block level comments in any programming language and render them as rendered output mixed with your source code (as per the second screenshot I posted).

The screenshots may not have been clear, but they are of the same code, two switchable views. One shows block comment sources, the other renders them as Markdown. But in both cases you can change the code and the comments directly by editing them.


I encountered something similar while working with the Docco documentation generator… If you can find an HTML generator of what you need an extension can be easily created by switching the editor panel with a web-browser-like pane


I mention something like this in my Viewer API proposal:


This is basically an inverted form of “literate” programming. There are some languages out there that support “literate” programming, the most notable being CoffeeScript.