Grammar syntax highlight


Hi, I’m trying to create a custom grammar tag in language-liquid package. I’m have this tag {% schema%} and inside of her contain a json value, look this example

test.liquid file:
{% schema%}
“banner-full”: {
“section”: “banner-full”,
“name”: “Banner full”,
“settings”: [],
“max_blocks”: 6,
“fixed”: 1,
“blocks”: [{
“type”: “image”,
“settings”: [{
“type”: “url”,
“label”: “Link”,
“id”: “link”
}, {
“type”: “image_picker”,
“label”: “Banner”,
“id”: “src”,
“info”: “Banner Desktop (1920px x 600px)”
}, {
“type”: “image_picker”,
“label”: “Banner mobile”,
“id”: “src_mobile”,
“info”: “Mobile Banner (850px x 850px)”
{% schema%}

I would like everything inside this tag to take the syntax of json, is it possible?


It would be helpful if you shared your language package with us so that we could see what your starting point is.

You can see examples of mixed-language highlighting in any HTML document that includes JS or CSS.