Grammar regex question, different highlight for same expression


I’ve created a grammar for 6809 assembly, now I am adding syntax highlighting for assembler directives, here’s the excerpt I’m struggling with:

    # pragma directives
        match: '\\b(?i)(\\*pragma(push|pop)?|(\\*)?pragma)\\b'
        name: 'storage.modifier'
    {   # export missing!
        match: '\\b(?i)(6800compat|(6809|6309)(conv)?|index0tonone|cescapes|importundefexport|undefextern|dollar(not)?local|pcaspcr|shadow|nolist|autobranchlength|nosymbolcase|symbolnocase|condundefzero|forwardrefmax|qrts|m80ext|testmode)\\b'
        name: 'support.function.pseudo'

As you can see, I want the pragma directives and the pragmas to have different highlighting. Now there is one pragma that I left out: export. The problem is, export can either be a directive of its own or a pragma, so I want it to have different highlighting depending whether it is preceded by ‘pragma’ or not.

export  ; highlight color 1
pragma export ; pragma in highlight color 1, export highlight color 2

I tried this:

        match: '\\b(?i)(\\*pragma(push|pop)?|(\\*)?pragma)\s(export)\\b'
        name: 'storage.modifier'
                name: 'storage.modifier'
                name: 'support.function.pseudo'

Which is not working. I copied this again from the grammar example from the flight manual. Any suggestions?


Perhaps put down a code example for the assembly code. It would help to visualize whereto you are aiming for. Also know that you can do push and pull separately.


I’d would like to look something like this:


Line 4 is what I’m aiming for. Line 16 shows the problem I have, while line 2 shows export in another context that highlights it like I want it to be. So in short, everything fine is fine except line 16 - I want ‘export’ there to be of the same color as ‘6809conv’ in line 4.


It is a first come first serve basis.
If you have in order for matching…
“pragma export”
“pragma .*”

“pragma export” will win the contest if it is found first, ignoring the following matches.


match: '\\b(?i)(\\*pragma(push|pop)?|(\\*)?pragma)\s(export)\\b' should be:
match: '\\b(?i)(\\*pragma(push|pop)?|(\\*)?pragma)\\s(export)\\b'. You forgot to double-escape the \s.

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