Grammar for Silverstripe Templates


Can anyone help me with creating a Silverstripe grammar/language style for Atom?

I tried converting a Textmate one from Github with no success.

Is any one in the process of making one?


+1 for this. I’ve been working on SilverStripe’s .ss files, which atom always recognises as plain text.
I tried the File Types package - in an attempt to get atom to recognise a .ss as HTML markup, but it doesn’t appear to solve the problem - although I may have used it incorrectly…
If anyone can be so kind as to provide a clue on getting atom to recognise the .ss file type (or another unknown file extension for example) and apply the appropriate style/highlighting, that would be awesome.


You’re on the right track, install the File Types package and add a file type to your config.scon file that maps .ss files to html.php, e.g.

“.ss”: “text.html.php”

Note: the config.scon file will already have the “": so just add the file type reference below it, with the same indenting as other entries under "”:


file-types isn’t necessary at this point. Atom natively has the ability to customize which file extensions are matched with which grammar.


Sweet, thanks