Gpp-compiler won't compile when using more than 1 file


I’ve encountered problems when compiling C++ projects with MYCLASS.h and MYCLASS.cpp files.

When I run “c++ main.cpp MYCLASS.cpp” in the bash it works perfectly fine, but when I compile with the gpp-compiler package it doesn’t. I traced down the problem being the arguments being sent to the compiler is “main.cpp -o /tmp/main” instead of “main.cpp MYCLASS.cpp -o /tmp/main”.

What am I doing wrong that it won’t add my other file?

Error when I compile C++ project using class function

Okay I just figured it out on my own.
1 Select main.cpp on the left and then add MYCLASS.cpp to the selection with strg+left click.
2 Right click on either one of them -> compile and run.

but there has to be an easier way, hasn’t it?


For everyone who’s having the same problem better use something like this in the terminal from the project folder:

clear && c++ A_main.cpp MYCLASS.cpp -std=c++11 -o /tmp/a.out && /tmp/a.out