Gpp-compiler package error and gpp package setup


I am new in programming and Atom so please don’t by to harsh on me.

I really want to write code Atom IDE and not something else. Recently i start to learn C++, but i can’t figure out how configure Atom properly.

I have the next issues:

  • gpp-compiler package does something weird. I install MinGW compiler, i configured the path and i test some code. If the cod is correct it works exactly as you expected, but if I write something wrong this appears:


It is normal?

  • So i thought is something wrong with the package and i install gpp package, this one locks to work perfectly. When the cod is correct a CMD window appears with the message “Hello World!”, but when i misspell something, 2 messages with compile error appear.

My intuition tells me that the package works properly. But what bothers me is that 2 red messages. I know I can turn them off in the settings. I am using python in Atom for a while and the errors occur in a CMD window, it is possible to do the same when writing c++ code? Or at least in a more “friendlier” way?

I am using windows 10 and Atom is configured to run python and c++ code. The Atom packages i use are:

  • atom-python-run
  • python-tools
  • minimap
  • kite
  • atom-file-icons
  • pigment
  • gpp-compiler
  • gpp

This is my first post here, if i did something wrong or someone have suggestions, please tell me.
Thank you

This is what i see when i use gpp package