Google will end support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux


Hi, I am totally new in this blog however I don’t see anyone making any special remarks over the last Google’s announcement on closing Chrome Apps Store in all platforms except Chrome OS, Some of us have professional apps published in the google chrome app market and the fact that they are closing is opening a gap to ensure our customers continuity and support. So I was wondering if Atom Electron has any thoughts, or plans to step in and facilitate a similar market capabilities to end users.

I think that we are all looking to a multi cross platform market that has the basics:

  • Auto Updates

  • Stats (Ratings, comments etc)

  • Developer support

  • Easy to publish (Not like the Apple Market)

  • Cheap enough to allow a yearly payment from anybody.

Have a great day.

Does Google removing support for Chrome Packaged apps affect Electron?

I’d love to see something in the Atom community jump in with some tutorials to convert existing Chrome Apps to Electron


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