Good tool to use for screencast on a package page


I created a simple package last night ( and I’ve noticed that on many other package pages, people have included a short screencast in the readme. Can anyone suggest a good tool for screencast -> gif?


Licecap is really popular and good for screencasts.


@TheAbhiKumar Thanks man! Just updated the readme with a screencast I created using Licecap. Simple to use and good quality gif.


I personally like Screencast-o-matic a lot (the pro version, the free version is missing most of the awesome features). It’s written in Java so it works cross-platform (I’ve only used it on Windows and Linux, works great on both aside from a few UI glitches on Linux) and you can either start it right from the website or download it. It exports to lots of different formats and I think one of them is gif.