Good front end famework with electron


I will start very soon a project with this technology and I was wondering what front end technology is best to use.

I know Angular, is it a good thing to use it or I might run into problem later in the project?



Do you mean you’re going to be starting a project using Electron? Or Atom? Electron is a cross-platform application framework. Atom is a cross-platform programmer’s editor built on top of Electron. Depending on which you mean could affect people’s answers.


If you mean that you wish to develop for the Atom Editor, I can’t help.

But, if your question is about developing Electron applications, the response is simple:
Inside of the browser process, you can make use of any framework that you would also use in a web browser application. If you would normally develop with Angular, you can use that. In my current project, I’m working with React and I’m sure others have used Ember, Backbone, etc.
The only problems you would run into are browser specific ones (console.log(process.versions) to see what version of chromium comes bundled with electron) or framework specific ones.

For the renderer process (as in, the process that runs in the background) you can use anything that is compatible with the packaged version of iojs. As of the time of writing, said version number is 3.3.0 which is equivalent to node.js 4.0.0.


Electron I’m using. Not doing an editing software on top of Atom or something like it.

Saw this:

I’m scared to use Angular and realized much later that’s a bad choice. That’s why I posted my question here.


Will check out React. :slight_smile:


Angular is a fine choice imo. As for Babel, you won’t really need it as Electron already has support for most of ES6. Some things (like Proxies) you may need it for, however.


I edited the title to make it more clear what you’re asking for.


Has anyone used Angular4 with OS node modules (path, fs, etc.)?
I am thinking of starting of using Angular4 since I quite familiar with it but I’ve read online that using native modules with it
is not that simple.