Go to everything option


Does atom have an “go to everything” option or plugin similar to resharper? I searched their package installer and the internet and have not come up with anything so far.

I’d like to be able to have a menu such as the one I get with Ctrl+b => type in a file name => click file to open it.


You can create a tags file using “Exuberant CTags” and then you can do Cmd-Shift-R to jump to any tag.


I clarified the original question. I’m not looking so much for tags. I am looking for a way to navigate thousands of files when I know the file name without having to go through directory trees.


I think you’re looking for the fuzzy finder (ctrl+t). For example, in one of my projects I can plug condistex into the fuzzy finder and it’ll match my js/views/content_display/text.jsx.


Yes. I do not see a “mark answer” here or whatever. That’s it thank you.


Use the heart in the future.