Go-to-definition of the autocomplete-python package doesn't function

The Atom version is 1.46.0 and it was installed on Windows 10 station with Administrator privileges.
I already have a station with the same characteristics and the autocomplete in this case functions perfectly.
I don’t understand why. I have already tried to install Atom with and without Administrator privileges. And I have also tried to install Python under “C:\Users” Path and under “C:\Program Files”
Another issue that maybe shed some light on the general issue is that the go-to (ctrl + alt + g) doesn’t function as I get “No definition was found”
Please advise

I found a solution. In order to fix this issue I needed to create a grammar file that resembles my Python (which is version 3.8). The grammer file was copied to “C:\Users\username.atom\packages\autocomplete-python\lib\jedi\parser”