Go-To definition like Php-storm?


I’m trying Atom from now, I was into PhpStorm before. And a features I’d love is the “Go To Definition” into the whole project (hope I use the good term).

For example I have this function call (into php, but the function could be in PHP or JS) :

require_once ("apps/class/class_types.php");
        $type = new types();
        if ($_SESSION['features']['show_types_tree'] == 'true') {
                 $data[$field]['select'] = $type->getArrayStructTypes($coll_id);

Now I want to go directly to “getArrayStructTypes”. In PHPStorm I used to CTRL+CLICK on the function names and I was redirected to the function intp class_types.php file

Is there any thing like this in Atom ?

I found the Go to Definition package, into atom-ide-ui, but it doesnt look the whole project. It only works (as far as I test), when the functions are in the same folder, and doesn’t works for .js functions

Any clues ?



I just tested with https://github.com/borisrepl/boris and go to definition worked ok for me across folders? Can you share a project where this isn’t working for you so I can give it a try?