Globally change keybind not per function - ctrl-k to ctrl-z


Can I redefine ctrl-k to ctrl-z rather than redefining each individual ctrl-k keymap occurrence?

ctrl-k ctrl-alt-w	pane:close-other-items	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-down	window:focus-pane-below	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-left	window:focus-pane-on-left	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-n	window:focus-next-pane	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-p	window:focus-previous-pane	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-right	window:focus-pane-on-right	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-up	window:focus-pane-above	Core	body
ctrl-k ctrl-w	pane:close	Core	body
ctrl-k down	pane:split-down-and-copy-active-item	Core	body
ctrl-k left	pane:split-left-and-copy-active-item	Core	body
ctrl-k right	pane:split-right-and-copy-active-item	Core	body
ctrl-k up	pane:split-up-and-copy-active-item	Core	body


Do I have to do this per function?


Yes. You have to unbind and rebind keybindings individually. It should be possible to do this programmatically in using the KeymapManager methods.


Cool thanks