GL ERROR in <canvas>



I’m creating Neovim frontend and was reported an odd error.

At app starting, below error message is displayed many times.

[48303:1223/] [.Offscreen-MainThread-0x7fecb3451ed0]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glUseProgram: program not linked

And fonts in <canvas> are shown as rectangle as following (quoted from the issue).

After some interaction with reporter, it seems that the bug is derived from either Electron or Chromium. But I can’t determine it because of lack of my knowledge. Reporter’s OS is OS X 10.11.1 but I can’t reproduce this in the same OS.

Does anyone have any advice for this issue?


Get past this problem I guess?


I was reported NW.js had solved this issue. NW.js is using Chromium 50.0+, so I’m waiting it comes to Electron.