GitLab with Atom



How good is GitLab with Atom?

Please provide the links for documentation/ packages needed for GitLab.



What is Gitlab ?
What aspect of Gitlab are you particularly interested in with regard to a text editor ?

From a quick search I get Gitlab is a GitHub alternative that you can deploy on your own server. Out of the box atom don’t really deal with anything of the remote git. It’ll show modified files and modified lines inside a file using your local git branch. Package git plus add some remote functionality and can be accessed by the command palette.


@jeancroy Thanks for the inputs. I am interested in Bitbucket more than GitHub. Will the integration steps be similar as mentioned in the blog?


Git is a protocol. The back end server is transparent as long as you configure the address / auth.


To clarify, at least the basic git-related functions in Atom, such as status and diff in the file browser and text editors is based on the local git commands. If you can run git status and git diff at command line for the current repo, then Atom can too, regardless of the remote you are using (if you are using a remote at all).


Hey Guys, I extended the existing gitlab-integration plugin with pipelines support, have a look at the latest stable development fork: (since it is still in the development and mainly tests are missing, it is not yet included in gitlab-integration plugin from the orginal author). But for your reference feel free to try (you need to install all of them)

apm install azachar/gitlab-integration
apm install azachar/language-log



Looking forward to see this merged!