Gitlab notifications



I’d like to know if it be possible to have notification in Atom when a gitlab pipeline (and why not all notification) end (succes, error), instead checking my email to see if it’s good.

Thanks for your respons


Are you asking if it is possible for such a system to be built? Or are you asking if someone already has built it?


If it is possible for such a system to be built, i search a lot before posting if is already exist.

I’m not a good dev enough to known if it’s possible :slight_smile:


It’s definitely possible, since GitLab provides an API for pipelines. Atom includes Node.js, which has an http module that can make requests. A package developer would just have to create a config that takes a personal access token, queries the projects API to find a list of the projects the user is involved in, and then queries the pipelines API for each project. Then just assemble a view composed of each project with a list of pipelines and their statuses.


Thanks for your answer may be i try to do such a package