.gitignored files suddenly disappeared in tree view


I have a few files that are in my .gitignore, like /some_dir/*/another_dir/*.yml

I have my default Atom settings (aside from themes), so normally, I’d see the gitignored files as greyed out in tree view, still editable for my needs. While I was in the middle of working on one of my projects, all my .gitignored files suddenly disappeared. One minute there, next minute gone.

However! When I drill down to the directory (e.g. another_dir) that has the gitignored file and run ls in terminal, I can see the file as expected. And when I open up Atom from within that dir, I can see the greyed out file, also as expected.

What happened? Is the gitignore way too deep (3-4 dir’s deep)? :confounded: Why did they suddenly disappear while I was in the middle of working on the project? I don’t want to have to drill down to the sub directories just to edit the gitignored file, then hop back out.


What caused the gitignored files to “disappear” is you probably had the Tree View focused and pressed I. This toggles the display of ignored files. You can focus Tree View and press I again to get them back.

Show .git files

Thank you very much! That was exactly it!!