GitHub Won't Integrate!


I’m new to Atom (just got it today) and I can’t setup GitHub. I got Atom because it would sync with GitHub and be compatible with Linux. When I got it, the first thing I wanted to do was sync up the repo for my new project, OctoPenguin/Wolfie. But when I clicked “Open GitHub” on the Welcome screen, it did this:

Why did it do that? Help!


What folder is open in Atom? Is it the one with the repo?


None of the folders are open. I don’t have any of my repo’s files on my computer. I want them to be in Atom.


First, you have to have the repo on your computer. You can open the command line, navigate to the folder where you want your projects to go, and enter

git clone wolfie


atom wolfie

and it will open in Atom.


I’m on Windows, though.


So am I, and I use the command line all the time. If you don’t want to, you can of course download a graphical git client like GitKraken.


So let me get this straight. I open cmd.exe on Windows and use that to clone my repo? Really? I’m not understanding…


Correct. Or you can download a graphical client. By your response, I’m guessing you haven’t downloaded Git for Windows yet, which you should do (it’s really useful).

Although: I just went back and checked myself. You don’t need to install git separately. Inside Atom, type ctrl-shift-p to open the Command Palette. Then type “clone” and the first thing to pop up should be GitHub: Clone. Click on that and enter your information.


Great, thanks! I had literally no clue Git had a Windows client, or I would have solved this in a jiffy. Thanks again.


No problem. :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised how many Linux-born programs have Windows ports.


TBH, I thought that Windows had no programming utilities at all.


New question. Were are the pull, commit and push buttons??? They aren’t where the docs say they should be!!!


Aren’t they right there in the corner?