Github Token entry not showing

Hi I’m using Atom 1.34.0 and am trying to link Atom to a new github account.
I have retreived my token and go to the Github panel in Atom to enter the token but have no entry fields

Can anyone help?

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There is a difference between Git and GitHub.

  1. Make sure you have a git repo open (looks like you do; it’d be a different message if not)
  2. Is this repo (the local version open in Atom) linked to a GitHub repo (stored in the cloud)? If you have not created a repo through the site, the answer is probably no. You can check remote links by running git remote -v in the command line (make sure the current working directory is the root of the repo you want to check).
  3. If nothing exists on GitHub, you should make a new empty repository through the GitHub website.
  4. Now there is an empty repo on GitHub, copy the link to it (HTTPS or SSH; the first is less hassle) and run git remote add <paste link> (replace <paste link> with the link; it might look like git remote add
  5. When you push, it might say something about “set origin”. Just copy and run the command it says.

It’s difficult to provide better instructions without knowing your familiarity with git and the command line.

Thanks for the help. I’m new to Github and atom:
I’m following this simple video - from 1:30 is about where I think its relevant.3:00 is where it mentions entering the login token in Atom - which I dont see.


this video!

First, you have to open a repository that has a remote located on GitHub.

Hi there. Thanks for the information. Nice video, buy the way.

I have a repository on GitHub - but dont know how to link it to the project in Atom. I thought the Token entry was the way to do it? When does the Token entry show or should I be trying to link to my Github in a different way. Followed the video for this process.

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The token entry has nothing to do with linking your local repository to the remote (remember what @Aerijo said about git not being the same thing as GitHub). It only logs you into GitHub so that you can see pull requests in the GitHub tab. You don’t need the token to perform standard git actions like committing. What matters to Atom is the remote setting on the local repository.

Do you have git installed? If not, you should remedy that. Then I can help you, but first you need to tell me about your local folder and GitHub, specifically whether you have made any files in them yet.

  • If the files you want to edit are all on GitHub, the easy way to get to where you want to be is to clone the repo, which you can do inside Atom (you don’t even need git installed, but it’s a good idea anyway).

  • If the files are all on your computer and the remote is empty, you can open the command line and run git remote add origin && git add . && git commit -m "Initial commit" && git push --set-upstream origin master to put it all on GitHub.

Edit: Think of it as America versus the United States of America. They aren’t the same thing, but the US is the most visible tenant. This is a case where you need to identify which features are a part of the web site GitHub, which belong to the Atom editor, and which ones are a part of the software that the developer Linus Torvalds called “git”, apparently as a self-derisive jest.