Github tab - No remotes found

Hopefully this a dumb new user question with easy solution

I am working with a git repository where the remote repository is hosted on a server other than github com.

I can work with the repository from the Git tab, committing changes, pushing, and pulling etc. but when I switch to the GitHub tab it tells me
No remotes, This repository does not have any remotes hosted a GitHub,co
Obviously this is is true but shouldn’t it be looking at the server where the repository Is hosted which I presume is known from the .git folder of the local repository?

There is no support for hosts other than GitHub for the features that are available in the GitHub tab.

That is a pity :frowning_face:

The server is running gitea I would have hoped there was sufficient commonality with github to allow for the tab to work with just a host address.

Are there any plans to address this?

No, there aren’t any plans to address this by the maintainers. People are welcome to create their own community packages, however.