[github package] Loading state for "Commit" button?


I was going to post an issue to atom/github, but figured I should ask about it here first.

I have a fairly long pre-commit hook (…eslint :frowning:). I like using the github panel for staging changes and writing commit messages. But when I hit “Commit”, there is no visual response. I realized that it is because it is running the pre-commit hook. A pretty small improvement would be to switch the button to some kind of loading/disabled state.

I haven’t contributed to atom, but would be more than willing to submit a PR for this if it seems reasonable. So I’m here to ask, how should I proceed? File an issue on atom/github? Just submit a PR? Thoughts?


It sounds like what you want is very small, so you can go ahead with a PR if you want, and it will be accepted or rejected there. The most formal way to accomplish this sort of addition (if you don’t already have the code done) would be to post an issue on atom/github stating your intent (which could be helpful for you in hammering out your goals), then proceed to make the change. Having the issue open will allow devs a chance to comment with their thoughts about the idea. When you submit the PR, you make a reference to the issue, and when the PR is closed, close the issue as well. Issues often feature discussion about ideation, and are a good stage for the maintainers to veto anything they fundamentally disagree with. If you’re submitting any changes that require complex code, it might be necessary for discussions specific to the implementation, and that’s a good thing to have happen in the PR.

For a minor visual tweak to a button to indicate its condition, I don’t see much conversation being necessary. So save time on the issue and go for the PR.