Github Keybindings do not work on Spanish keyboard layout - Is this a bug?


I wanted to open an issue with or but I didn’t know if this is a bug or not.
I tried to read all the information I could find on hoy keybinding works since Atom 1.12 but couldn’t decide on weather it is working as expected (and I just didn’t understand) or this is a bug.

Help and clarification is appreciated.


Default Github package keyboard shortcuts to toggle github and git tab do not work on spanish keyboard layout on mac os.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Atom (v1.18)
  2. Press the shortcut

Expected behavior: Git and Github panels should toggle

Actual behavior: They do not toggle as espected

Reproduces how often: Always


Atom 1.18
macOS 10.12.5 with spanish keyboard

Additional Information

The two mappings are:

  'ctrl-shift-8': 'github:toggle-github-tab'
  'ctrl-shift-9': 'github:toggle-git-tab'

To make them work properly, one has to create custom mappings like this:

  'ctrl-shift-(': 'github:toggle-github-tab'
  'ctrl-shift-)': 'github:toggle-git-tab'

The character returned with shift for both lenguages:


shift + 8 = *
shift + 9 = (


shift + 8 = (
shift + 9 = )
shift + + = *