Github Integration - How to show ALL changed/new files in list... not just first 1000

Hi everyone.

I’ve been using Atom for months after switching from Coda. I had been previously also using the Github for desktop app for MacOS.

It was GREAT to be able to integrate the Gihub app I was so used to with my editor. However, I have run into an issue. Let’s say I have introduced a LOT of new files and changes to my project… like 1,500 new files (don’t ask). In the standalone GitHub app, I am able to scroll through the whole list of changed / new files, to select which files (or parts of files) to include in a commit.

However, in the Atom GitHub integration, the list is truncated after 1000 changed files and I am unable to load / view the remaining changed items. It makes selecting a subset of changes for a commit impossible as I cannot select from the full set of changes.

For now, until I am ready to commit all those changes in bulk, I am having to use the standalone GitHub app along side of Atom. It’s ok for now, but I’d love to see (or learn of) the fix.

Any ideas? Anyone else have this issue?

Does anyone else run into this issue?

I do not use Github integration. At least so far.
But intuitively I would point to a suggestion I posted
to use meld. I don’t know if this will solve your issue but perhaps explore it with the Atom meld package to compare files for changes.

Thanks for chiming in.

I don’t think ‘meld’ provides a solution to my issue.