GitHub integration has made Atom painfully slow


Hadn’t seen anyone mention this but the GitHub package has made Atom unusable slow for me. It instantly picked up over 10 million file and had a 2-5 second lag on any interaction (mouse over, scroll, click etc)


I seem to be facing the same issue too…


I am having the same issue. The lag time is so long atom virtually became unusable.


I too am having this issue; I thought it was only me for the last week or so.


update: I have managed to resolve the issue for now (or so it seems): Sudden massive lag due to automatic file tracking (?) [Atom 1.18] -- resolved

However, take this with a pinch of salt - I am just acting based on suspicions for now. At least only the correct project folder is linked to GitHub now for me, even when I open it on Atom. And the lag has wonderfully vanished!


You can disable the Git package