Github Electron & Google Polymer? And Other Questions


Hey community,

I’m a beginner when it comes to developing apps. I’m very interested in using the github Electron to build my first cross platform desktop apps. I’m trying to build a presentation software similar to the software known ProPresentor. But with my app I want to make it open source where other devs can build plugins to extend the software. Because I’m a beginner I have few questions:

  1. Can Github Electron work with Google Polymer web components? (Use Google Polymer for the ui) If so are how would go about doing this?

  2. Are there any modules or plugin that allow for display on multiple screens. ( Ex: PowerPoint’s ability to display to a second monitor.) If so where could I find something like this?

Thanks in advance and I look for to the feedback.


Previous discussion:

There is the built in screen module which you can use to determine information about the connected displays.