Github Desktop doesn´t sync with Atom


Hi there!

I just started my first project wit Code School.
I installed Github Desktop and Atom. Then I made my tasks within Atom but neither there was neither in Atom a sign of change (changing the color) nor Github realized any uncommited changes. Also “node test” doesn´t regognizes any code work I did. So what am I missing?


If Atom isn’t showing any changes, that means that the project folder you’re working in doesn’t have a remote repository. Can you get to it via your account on


No, all the changes stay within Atom. Nothing is showing up anywhere else. It seems that Atom is disconnected. Although I did everything as I should: Fork the project, open it with the Github Desktop app, right click “open with Atom” and making the necessary changes on the html file.


Do you get the same result if you run a git status from a terminal within you folder?
Also, what is the result of git remote -v?


git status: Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’.
nothing to commit, working tree clean

git remote -v: codeschool-projects (fetch)
codeschool-projects (push)
origin Link 3(fetch)
origin Link 4 (push)

I removed the last two links because I am only allowed to post 2 links :slight_smile:


I’m reading that you’re supposed to work on your own fork of the repository. My humble guess is, something is not really ok with the repository, the issue is unlikely to be related with Atom.

What I could suggest you is: fork the repository, clone your fork locally, work on your fork only. If you’re using OS X or Linux, try to stick with the console, you get better control on git. In Atom, work on your fork folder, and if things still don’t work, try using one of the packages for git like git-plus, see what happens.

Hope this helps!


What are they, though? It’s important. You didn’t actually have to post them as links. You could have wrapped the whole block in code tags (select it and hit the </> button above the editor) and the URLs would not have been interpreted as links.