vs. atom: parsing links

#1 accepts [Link Text]<optional whitespace>(URL) as a link.

Atom does not allow the whitespace.

I like using the whitespace in a list of links. I can have a link text column and a URL column. I believe this is much more readable than when I squish out the whitespace.


Hmm. The forum software removed the “optional whitespace” that was between the "] " and “(” in the GitHub recognizes.

I hope I have enough quotes in the right places for this comment to be rendered properly in the forum.


If you want to have something represented exactly, you should use backticks around it to specify that. I’ve edited your original post to make it more clear.

Also, according to the original Markdown specification for links, the parens must “immediately” follow the closing square bracket:

To create an inline link, use a set of regular parentheses immediately after the link text’s closing square bracket.

So it would seem that whitespace is not allowed, at least according to the description of the specification. Additionally, the CommonMark specification, which is a much more rigorous specification of Markdown, does not allow whitespace between the two parts of an inline link.

If accepts whitespace there, it is a bug, not something that should be replicated in Atom.