Github + Atom with BitBucket?



I am using Atom Beta 1.18 and using the GitHub integration, but at work we’re using BitBucket. Is it possible to integrate the GitHub package with BitBucket, or is it only GitHub?

If yes - how?
If no - will it ever be possible?


From a conversation on Slack, it would appear that there won’t be in-depth integration with BitBucket outside of basic Git operations.

(Copy/paste in case you’re not on Slack/that link expires):

If you’re talking about interacting with the BitBucket API beyond support of Git repositories in general, no, we have no plans for that.


Bitbucket is a big part of repositories in the Internet and very comfortable too.
So strange and sad to see this message now. (

But Atom is your product, of course, and it’s your choice.


I don’t even like this Github integration. What I’m gonna do is remove all unnecessary package from atom and I will build it.


The wonderful thing about atom is you can do ANYTHING. You can even create an entirely different IDE with Atom. The GitHub team decided to make a package for GitHub integration (in case you didn’t know Atom was created by GitHub), but there is nothing stopping a team at Atlassian (or anyone else for that matter) from creating a package that integrates Atom with BitBucket.


This x1000. It makes no sense (or very little sense) for Github to spend time writing code to support their competition. They don’t prevent it, it will just have to come from Atlassian or the community.