Git tab hover UI error


Windows 10 Pro 64ibt
Atom 1.20.1 x64
Dell 4K monitors

I don’t know the name of the UI element that shows up when you hover over the Tree View and Git Tab. It’s a half circle with > or < that allows one to toggle these panes.

InTree View this UI element shows up when you have the pane open or close by hovering the pane when open and close to the edge of the window when closed. It’s working correctly

On the Git Tab it does not show up when the tab is closed and one hovers close to the edge or on the edge AND the app window is maximized. It worked as expected when this feature first came available but the last 4, or so, updates it has not worked correctly. If I don’t have the editor sized maximized I can use it by hovering over the right edge of the editor. The half circle slides into view.

I hope that makes sense!



I hadn’t noticed because I usually toggle the right dock with a keybinding, but you’re right. I’m experiencing the same behavior where the right dock handle refuses to appear when Atom is fullscreen (Windows 10, Atom 1.20.1). The best place to bring this up would be as an issue in the GitHub repo.