Git Tab button not working?


I saw Atom has a Git Tab, I try to commit to master but when I hover it I see a red circle.I think si disabled or something.How do i make it work ?


Have you staged your changes and added a commit message?


I see the unstaged changes in Git Tab.Right after it has a tab Stage All but noting happens when I click.How i Stage All ?I can with terminal but on Atom it stays the same.


I make it work but the problem was with some node_modules I have a gitignore and all of them was there and I can’t stage them lol.That’s why the stage all don’t work …


Can you help me I can’t resolve this issue. I can’t stage the node_modules. Here is an image

There are not all the node_modules folders just 30 files approximate.


You should not be pushing node_modules/ through git. You’ll end up massively increasing the amount of files you push up and down, and you don’t need to do that at all because npm install takes care of downloading and installing all dependencies (and doing any configuration necessary for your system).

As for the last batch of files, note how they’re all in a .bin/ folder. That’s probably also in your .gitignore, probably as .*.


So How I should I do, here is the .gitignore:

Should I put /* after node_modules ?


Leave it the way it is. It’s there for a reason, and you don’t need to clutter your git repo with dependencies that your package manager can handle.


I made it work DamnedScholar, I remove from cached with

git rm --cached -r node_modules
git commit -m “removing node_modules from index”