Git pull w/ new GitHub integration and 2FA


… works if I use a Personal Access Token, but it does not appear to cache the token locally.

Keeps re-prompting me to log in each time I want to pull.

Is this a known limitation at this point, or am I just doing something wrong?


I’m curious how you setup atom to use a personal access token. Do you have a link to info on that somewhere? I’ve been unable to find any information.


I have a similar problem. Does the new github package supports accounts with 2FA?


Hi @tortilaman, there was no special way to do this. I simply generated a new one by going to the Personal Access Tokens page on Github, and then put it into the password field in the username/password prompt that comes up within Atom upon attempting a push.

Using a token in place of the password is commonplace when you are using 2FA and the particular client does not support the full 2FA flow, for instance when using the command line, so I figured the situation might be analogous here.


This is really frustrating – I’m having exactly the same problem.

The weird thing is that I’m only having it on one of my machines. I’ve got one machine that actually works correctly, without having to supply my login info every time, and another one where I do have to every time.

Makes me think that it’s probably some kind of arcane environment issue, where it technically works, but if you don’t set things up perfectly the first time, you’re screwed. One thing that would be REALLY helpful would be an easy way to un-authenticate the GitHub login, and try again with a clean token. I can’t find any way to do that (if it even exists).


I found a solution that works for me.

brew install git

Using the Homebrew version of git rather than the macOS version apparently solves the issue.