Git pull/refresh of code (not Atom itself)


Ok probably a newbie question (I’m DBA not a dev so don’t use source control lots, but keeping configs and the like in it) but I scratched head over this and read docs etc but cannot seem to find it in there.

at the CLI (Linux host) I can do the usual git clone etc from a github repo fine so I know the host has access, ssl keys etc all working fine.

Install atom (as read it has ‘integration etc’ with github etc)… so rather than Vi have a decent UI with syntax check and tree view etc.

but cannot seem to run a git clone or a git rebase/pull etc or figure out how to do it… and have to resort to running cli to do anything. I’ve been through the version control part of the docs but no more the wiser… happy to appear dumb if I missed a bit… Is this supposed to be done this way as those bits not in atom yet?



There are a few packages that offer this kind of thing such as the atomatigit package and the git-plus package.


tnx… yes both kinda do what I was looking for…