Git-Plus issue initial commit



I’ve got an issue using the git-plus addon, and hope you can help me.
When I start creating a new git repo, with the following workflow:

  • Git Plus Init
  • Git Plus Add
  • Git Plus Commit
    I get an error-message at the third step, the commit:
    fatal: abiguous argument 'HEAD': unknown commit or path does not exists in working directory: Use '--' to separate paths and commits...' (translated from other language, hope its correctly translated :wink: )

When I do this steps without atom and git-plus, directly in terminal, everything works and after that I can use Atom and Git-plus for the next commits.

Have you an idea, how I can solve this and also do my first commit inside atom?

Thanks and best regards


Sorry, forgot to say using current Xubuntu 18.04 release.


Does it matter what project you work with? I created a directory with a single test file (just “Hello World” in it), opened it in Atom and ran init, add, and commit with Git Plus and it worked ok. If you try a test project do you still get that error?


Thanks for your feedback. I’ve also tried it with a new test project, as like as you said, but still the same error. It seems that it doesn’t create the master file in /refs/heads/.


Curious if you have the same issue using the built-in GitHub package to initialize a repository?