Git-Plus Error


Dear Git-Plus Team,

Now I am using Git+, If I use push, add … command from git+,
I always get following error:

errors: failed to push some refs to 'https //

If I use GitHub plug-ins, It works very well…

Warm regards,


For every command, you get an error?

Can you open the developer console before you do commands and then share what get’s logged when you do a command?

The developer console can be opened with cmd-alt-i on mac. I’m not sure what it is for windows. You can also use the window menu ‘View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools’


If I use command pull in git+ I get the information:“The current branch is not tracking from upstream”



that message means the branch you’re working on isn’t configured to pull from anywhere. It’s likely that you haven’t yet pushed the branch too. You should run the ‘Git Plus: Push Set Upstream’ command first.


Git Plus: Push Set Upstream
No command ‘Git’ found, did you mean:
Command ‘nit’ from package ‘python-nevow’ (universe)
Command ‘wit’ from package ‘wit’ (universe)
Command ‘vit’ from package ‘vit’ (universe)
Command ‘git’ from package ‘git’ (main)
Git: command not found


The commands I referenced are in the atom command palette. Your output looks like it’s from the command line.