Git Plus error - 'git' is not recognized



I’m new to using Git and GitHub, and I was trying to set up the “Git Plus” add-on to update my repo. However, for some reason, when I press Ctr+Shift+H and choose “Add All And Commit,” I get the following error:

’git’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Which is then followed by a notice that says:

Nothing to commit.

That’s strange to me, since I know I just added about 2,600 files, and most of the file and folders in the tree view were highlighted yellow. I’m running Window 7, and have both GitHub for Windows and the Git-scm bash terminal installed. Any thoughts?


Can you run git from terminal? IE, is git in your PATH?


I can from the Git Bash, but not from the Windows command prompt or power shell.


Then we’ve found a problem: add the git binary folder to your user’s PATH environment variable and try again


Ok, great. I can run Git from the terminal now. Thanks!