Git pane opens in Tree view sidebar


When I click on the footer N files to open Git Pane, it opens in the left sidebar, on the top of the Tree View, not in the right sidebar where it was opened before. And when I click again it closes the left sidebar, including the tree view, so I have to close the pane in order to keep the tree view pane open.

Is there any configuration file or something I can modify to make it works as it should be?



Just grab the tab and drag it back to the other side of the screen until the right dock pops out, then drop it there.


I tried, but Git pane doesn’t have tab to click on :frowning:


Please post a screenshot of Atom as you see it. Did you add a rule to styles.less to eliminate tabs on your left dock?


The only rule I added to styles.less adds a red line in .tab.modified

I have tried to use another theme but same result



I have thought about what you said if I had added a rule for hiding the tabs and came with the idea to check if there are tabs hidden using Developer Tools.

So I found the tabs, remove display: none and the I could move the tab to another dock

Thank you so much for your help!!! :slight_smile:


There was a thread a few months ago where a user wanted to hide the tree-view tab, so I shared CSS to do so.

atom-dock.left .tab-bar {
    display: none;

I figured that maybe you had looked at that thread and forgotten about it. It’s possible that your UI theme is responsible, as well.