Git pane not displaying correctly


on macOS Sierra, even after a complete fresh install, this continues to happen on my git pane. The auther info is overlayed on the previous commit messages and there is no way I can find to either hidethe author info or reformat the pane to not overlap.


Hmm, do you have an active network connection? Your screenshot looks like this issue:

But that’s only a problem when you can’t download the avatar images.



The internet connection is most certainly the issue.
I don’t really understand why it is even attempting to download any avatar as I was not connected/logged into GitHub through atom at any point. Or why atom would not cache/have a default icon saved locally if this display bug occurs when it is unable to load.

I guess I can’t see any real simple workaround if I work offline, which is where most of my work is done.

Thank you for linking me to the bug rsese