Git modifications when loading a Windows-1252 encoded file


Hi !

I’m trying to use Atom for my Java developments.
All my existing files are encoded in Windows-1252, so I selected this one in Atom settings.

When I load a file, all the lines with a special character (like “é”) are notified as modified, but there is no change.

Atom :

git diff :

@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
  * Cr<E9><E9> le 15 avr. 05
  * Cr<E9><E9> le 15 avr. 05
- *
+ *
  * Pour changer le mod<E8>le de ce fichier g<E9>n<E9>r<E9>, allez <E0> :
  * Fen<EA>tre&gt;Pr<E9>f<E9>rences&gt;Java&gt;G<E9>n<E9>ration de code&gt;Code et commentaires

I’m using Atom 1.8.0 on a Windows 7.

Is it a known issue ?

Thank you.


Do you have steps to reproduce the problem along with a file you can share that does?