Git interaction commands


I absolutely love the Git integration (colorizing file names based on status), but I’m kind of surprised that there is no native ability to do basic Git commands like committing. It would also be nice to be able to do things like branch, stash, blame, merge, etc from the editor.

Did I miss these things, or is it just a future feature? Or do I have to switch to iTerm for it?

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing… I’m sure some package will eventually come to add that feature.


Me too. I was hoping that it was me, but apparently it is not there.
Hopefully they will include this in a later release. (either in the core or as a package)


I would absolute back this. The SublimeGit convenience prevents me from switching over to Atom currently. Anyone up to the challenge?


I like the Git implementation in IntelliJ. However I would like a smarter mergetool, built-in the editor, for easy graphical difftool and easy solve merge conflicts. For instance I love the feature in IntelliJ, that it asks if I want to add folder/file to git everytime I create a new one. That would be cool to see in atom :slight_smile:


I’m actually working on a merge conflict resolver right now, in this repository, although it’s not in useful shape yet. In the spirit of keeping things simple, I’m letting git handle the actual mechanics of the merge, then parsing the conflict markers and (eventually) presenting a friendly UI for resolution and staging.

I would be interested in writing more once that’s in good shape: in-editor staging and commits, a log viewer, branching and merging and rebasing. If nobody beats me to it, I’ll take a stab at them. Development velocity should improve significantly once there’s a Linux beta, too, since that’s my primary dev machine :grin:


+1 to the OP.

I was really surprised that I don’t have commands available to add a file or for commit and push. That seems especially strange considering how deeply git is integrated with the editor.


To be fair, there is a lightweight Git API for Atom as well as a git-utils package for node that the atom devs (and contributors) have been working on. It’s the front-end piece that’s largely missing. We’ll get there.


Visual Studio Code has got this feature and it’s really nice, especially for users who are new to Git. Would love to see the same feature added to Atom. All we really need are the basics - add/pull/push/commit and diff. Everything else people can do on the command line.


There is a decent package to do a lot of this. Don’t remember the name right now.


Git Plus?