Git Identity Issues

I am experiencing issues logging into GitHub with the Git Identity panel. First, I will enter my credentials and the Continue button does not activate until I click on the profile icon at the top left. Next, I click the Continue button and nothing happens. I tried a clean install of Atom and it did not fix the issue.

Windows 10, Atom 1.53.0 x64


I have been having the same issues. Were you able to figure it out?

Same issue.
Any solutions so far?

Also same issue here. Any updates on solutions?

Ok I figured it out. So you have to set up your local repo first outside of Atom. I used git bash to set my name ($git config -global “name”) and email ($git config -global “emailaddress”), navigated to my project folder to initialize the local repository ($git init). You can then add and commit your files to the repo. I believe you can also create a remote repo to github from the bash too. At that point I restarted Atom, clicked on the git icon in the bottom right, and it no longer asked for credentials and loaded up just fine.

When I type name and email, some character jumped and being removed. This should be one bug.

Fixed in 1.56 (the current nightly release)