Git Identity Clears Everytime I Close Atom

Using Atom 1.53.0 on Linux Mint Ulyana, and, as a noob user who moved from VS-code, this is quickly becoming my favourite editor.

So I am using the github package for the git integration. The thing is, I am using different hosting services for different projects, some are hosted on github, some others on gitlab, bitbucket etc. Is the github package meant to support git integration with all these, or only github? The reason I am asking is because of another problem that Atom always forgets my git identity specific to a project whenever I close the application. See this screenshot.

Screenshot from 2020-12-14 09-25-33

What is the best way to manage this identity across projects and hosting services without having to enter the username and email address every time.

Mind that, when I use git from the shell, the identity part is taken care by a global/local config and ssh keys that are already set up in the repositories.

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