Git(hub) Package is Gold

Just wanted to give a shout of gratitude to the @Atom devs who put together the Github package.

If I’m being honest, I don’t use the Git hub feature all that often. But the git feature is freaking priceless. It’s gold. It’s the reason you’ll have to pry Atom from my cold, dead hands.

And it it’s not even all that fancy. It has sane keyboard shortcuts for chunking that work (Looking at you, VSCode/git-gui) and a really simple UI for adding co-authors that shows BEAUTIFULLY in the Github commit history. Little “Undo” button for a quick HEAD reset. :chefs-kiss:.

Very few ingredients, done properly. Like the grilled cheese of Git editors. I’ll do the fancier things in the CLI, tyvm.

Might not be appropriate to ping @leedohm, but given all the complaints and the rise of VSCode, I wanted to make sure the folks who put that together know they’ve got at least one raving fan out here.


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