Git flow package


git flow is vital to my workflow. The Sublime Text git flow package commands are relatively straight forward compared to the git commands necessary to accomplish the same functionality. Hopefully some clever person will create an Atom git flow package that is similar or better than the Sublime Text package.


Atomatigit is a git tool for Atom. It is not specific to the git-flow workflow, but it does let you branch, commit, push, pull, etc, with only a few keystrokes.

It may not be everything you want, but hopefully it will get you started – and if there are specific features you need, request 'em and I’ll see what I can do.


I installed atomatigit using apm develop atomatigit but doing a cmd-alt-g in atom does not bring up the atomatigit pane. What are the errors of my way?

It looks to like you have the makings of a great git atom plugin, and well on your way getting git flow implemented.

Thanks …


You should have used

apm install atomatigit

The develop command is meant for actually developing on the package, and means the package will only be loaded when Atom is launched in dev mode via atom --dev.


I see the error of my ways. How do I uninstall apm develop atomitight ?


By removing the package’s directory in your .atom/dev/packages folder.


Thanks abe. I then apm install atomatigit.