Git-devtool not working correctly


I have winmerge installed as my git difftool and that works in git. when I enter ctrl shift d in atom the line I am on is duplicated. When I click packages->Git difftool->Diff Project winmerge opens up and each file in the project with changes has its own window. So it looks like the key binding ctrl shift D is not working.

Also, when I click on packages->Git difftool->DIFF File nothing happens

UPDATE: playing around with keybindings I added the following in my keymap.cson file:

‘atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])’:
‘ctrl-shift-D’: ‘unset!’

‘atom-difftool project’:
‘ctrl-shift-D’: ‘git-difftool:diff-project’

now when I press ctrl-shift-D the winmerge opens and compares all the files in the project that have changed.

Still NOT able to get ctrl-alt-d to work on just one file. the git-difftool:diff-file doesn’t seem to work


You should bring this up somewhere where the developers of git-difftool are likely to see it, like the GitHub repo for the package. I can’t help you with that, but I can suggest that you try a package that displays the diffs inside Atom, like git-diff-details.