Git commit message not syntax highlighting


New to the game and very happy with Atom. I’m am trying to use Atom also for git commit messages, but I noticed that my messages have no syntax highlighting. Can someone point to the files I should adjust to get this working.


This should do it, although I think it’s already bundled?


Thanks for the reply. Atom suggests that it is bundled already. I tried apm installing separately and it still doesn’t work. The entire file: COMMIT_EDITMSG is one color.


Post an issue on the language-git repo.


There is an issue on that repo as well, which talks about failing syntax highlighting when the git language isn’t English:

Could that be it?


I am hesitant to post in language-git because I’m wondering if others are successful in using the syntax highlighting with git commits.


You shouldn’t be. It is still a problem even if it only happens to you. Just be sure to check that your issue isn’t a duplicate.