Git commit message formating to 72 characters


Is there a way to format the git commit messaages to 72 characters as you are typing instead of relying on visual cues (which are useful)?

It will be super convenient to format the commit message as it is being typed, for example when word wrap is forcefully enforced. But this should happen only when atom is launched in commit mode.


There is the autoflow package which I believe is default-installed. If you set the preferred line length, you can select a set of text and use the Autoflow: Reflow Text command to make it conform to the preferred line length.

How to permanently hard-fold selection at specified line length?

Yes that works beautifully. Thank you.

Now I need to figure out how to auto-invoke it when callee/parent process it git (or another VCS).


Right. Something that would “Autoflow: Reflow Text” on every space or comma or newline etc. That seems to be what you’re looking for.